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  • Brett Minchington MBA & Lisa G. Morris

"In Employer Branding, EXPERIENCE is Everything!"

Employer Brand International is pleased to present their latest thought leadership whitepaper by Brett Minchington MBA & Lisa G.Morris with contributions from students & graduates of the Level 1 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership & EBI Advisory Board Members.

We are continuously exposed to brand experiences throughout our day either as a consumer, employee or candidate. The reality is these experiences are rarely distinctive, consistent or deliver what is expected based on the perception people have about the brand. An opportunity missed!

As a key differentiator for brand experience success, organizations have traditionally focused on the customer experience . However, what’s been missing has been an understanding of the role of the employee in the relationship between organizations, customers and profitability!

Employees are central to the customer experience and organizations must adopt an integrated approach towards brand experience if they are to remain relevant to the needs of customers and the talent that drive these experiences.

In this whitepaper Minchington and Morris focus on the importance of the employee experience, its impact on the customer experience and present a model for creating and sustaining a distinctive, integrated brand experience. The authors also provide insights into how to develop a strategy to optimize employee experience, customer loyalty and profitability.

For a limited time you can download a free copy of the whitepaper by clicking on the button below.

Be coached and mentored by Brett as you study at the Employer Branding College click here.

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