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  • Brett Minchington

The rise of employer brand leadership 4th edition

What function do employer brand leaders at some of the world's top brands perform?

Why do some companies use employer branding as only a recruitment function whereas others adopt a holistic approach across recruitment, engagement and retention functions? The 4th Edition of "The Rise of Employer Brand Leadership" includes updated global research findings and new employer brand leader job descriptions from companies such as Facebook. Marriott and Coca Cola Hellenic, etc. An analysis of employer brand leadership job and person descriptions over the past five years shows a diversity of approaches used by organisations when recruiting employer branding leaders. Some companies focus on recruitment or talent acquisition, whereas the more advanced employer branding companies such as Linkedin, Nike and Amtrak have adopted a holistic approach to employer branding across the total employment experience. To download the whitepaper, "The rise of employer brand leadership" including 33 sample job descriptions from companies including Facebook, Nike, Mars, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Standard Chartered Bank, E&Y, click here>

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