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  • Brett Minchington

Employer branding - It pays to invest wisely

I recall a client that had spent £120,000 (US$184,500) on developing their EVP which included employee and external market research and a review of communication channels and collateral. The outcomes included an employer brand and EVP blueprint, EVP messaging, EVP tonality and positioning assets!Expensive! You might be thinking.

So why was I consulting to this client?

Because it was one year later and the project had stalled!

Upon review of the blueprint document, market trends and company direction with some of the leaders involved in the original process and some new ones it became clear that the blueprint was no longer relevant.

It left me thinking what about the £120,000 that had already been spent on the project? And where was the agency that helped the company spend the money. Well. they were back in the UK!

This is not the first time I had seen money wasted on employer branding initiatives because the company didn't establish clear objectives and scope from the beginning.

The key driver here was the leadership's team lack of knowledge about employer brand strategy.

Imagine if the £120,000 had been spent on developing the leadership's team knowledge, skill and experience in employer brand strategy? For one it would have made the outcomes of the original project more valuable to the company and ensured the company and the vendor worked collaboratively to optimise client outcomes of the project.

In 2013 the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership was launched with an aim to develop employer brand leadership capability in leaders driving the strategy and amongst line managers responsible for implementing the strategy.

The program is focused on providing leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills and experiences to adopt a strategic approach to employer brand strategy across the employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.

Full details about the course can be found by clicking here>

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