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At Employer Brand International (EBI), our purpose is to build employer brand leadership capability in organisations around the world.​


Our borderless, global reach has enabled our team to deliver services in more than 60 cities in 40 countries since 2006.


In support of our purpose, we deliver world class employer branding events and training programs.


In 2011 EBI founded the Employer Branding College, which offers the world's leading employer brand certification program which has been delivered in more than 70 countries to companies including Mercedes Benz, EY, IKEA, Accenture, McDonalds and Carlsberg


EBI’s global advisory team consists of leading professionals and academics from around the world.​We invite you to tour our site and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can collaborate in employer branding in your country or organisation.


In 2016 we launched World Employer Branding Day which is the world's largest annual gathering of leaders in employer branding. The sold out 2023 event attracted more than 750 leaders from 40+ countries.


We invite you to join us at World Employer Branding Day in Amsterdam from 9-11 October 2024.

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