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EBI Chairman/CEO Brett Minchington to lead the March 2015 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership c

Employer Brand International Chairman/CEO Brett Minchington has been confirmed as the course leader for the March 2015 Global Online Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership course. For full details about the course please click here>

The Global Online format has brought together leaders from 17 countries over the past year to study for a qualification in Employer Brand Leadership.

At a recent International Employer Branding Summit in London Mr Minchington said, "The number one challenge facing companies is to spread the employer branding message across the whole organisation. That must come from training!" Click on the video below

Study with the course founder and designer

There are two key milestones that have contributed to the establishment of this International program.

Firstly, in 2009 Brett Minchington started writing his second book, 'Employer Brand Leadership-A Global Perspective.' The aim of the book was to provide a set of frameworks, tools, strategies, processes and numerous case studies which would assist to build the employer brand leadership capability amongst leaders.

Secondly, since 2006 Brett has conducted four global tours presenting to thousands of leaders across 55 cities in 30+ countries.Whilst the leaders attending the masterclass and/or Summit events would leave the events with numerous tools to develop an employer brand strategy, he saw a major capability gap across line management to implement the strategy. This is a critical issue as the engagement across the broader management level and employees is where the true success of employer brand strategy is impacted and measured.

So in 2013 the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership was launched with the aim to become the global standard for employer brand leadership development.

Brett believes that if we grow employer brand leadership capability in leaders driving the strategy and amongst line managers responsible for implementing the strategy, we will grow an industry and provide leaders and companies with the skills and experiences to adopt a strategic approach to employer brand strategy across the employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire.

To learn how to develop and manage a strategic approach to employer branding across the employment lifecycle using a practical work based approach consider enrolling in the next Global Online intake for the 'Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership'. For full details please click here>

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