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Véronique Frogé


​Véronique is the Partner, Head of Employer Branding practicei&e Management

In 2000, Véronique joined i&e, a leading Paris-based counselling and communication group. Prior to i&e, Véronique worked with Danone and the French Olympic Committee. As a specialist in corporate communication, crisis management, HR and internal communication strategy, Véronique has consulted to leading international brands including France Telecom, Pfizer, IBM, Motorola, and public institutions such as the French Social Security.

Véronique has a deep understanding of the influences on employee perceptions and employer reputation, and in 2007 was involved in the establishment of i&e Management, a consultancy dedicated to change management, and bridging HR, communication and management. She now leads the HR marketing and employer branding practice with current clients including Orange, Thales, Thomson, Ipsen and Expanscience. Véronique believes a company’s employer brand is largely impacted by leadership behaviours, which have to promote a positive and supportive experience that delivers on the brand promise at each step of the employer relationship.

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