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European Senior Associate

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Radosław Knap

An established employer branding consultant in Poland, Radoslaw has over 8 years of international experience working in USA, Germany, Hungary and Poland. In 2004 he became the Development Manager at a major engineering & IT recruitment company - BDI where he managed the "Best Employer for Engineer" project. After that he joined HAYS to implement Candidate Attraction Solutions in Poland. Radoslaw is an author of numerous articles on employer branding in leading Polish professional magazines and has been a speaker at events such as the "International HR Congress."

He is the owner of the largest Polish Employer Branding community group on GoldenLine and established the first Polish blog dedicated to employer branding - Radoslaw has a strong academic background with a MSc in Management & Marketing from Technical Univ. of Gdansk (Poland) and Universität Bamberg (Germany), Business Trainer diploma by Polish Psychological Society and he is currently completing his doctoral studies as Kozminski University in Warsaw.


Radoslaw's main areas of interest in employer branding includes: methods of selecting the most effective candidate attraction tools as a part of an employer branding strategy and the process of engaging senior management and employees to ensure employer brand communications are consistent with the HR strategy.

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