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Employer Brand Experience



    “EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE” is the latest book by Brett Minchington, a seven time author who has trained thousands of leaders around the world since 2006. Written as a strategic handbook for senior leaders studying at the Employer Branding College, the book is now available for leaders across all industries.


    Attracting, engaging and retaining talent is the number 1 issue facing companies in building a sustainable business towards 2025.


    To put it simply, ‘Great companies have great people!’


    The book highlights the key global trends driving investment in employer branding and showcases just how much work needs to be done to adapt to political, economic, social and technological complexities impacting on the world of work. Proven business models, frameworks and roadmaps are also detailed to guide leaders to  develop, implement and manage their employer brand as a business function to a best practices standard.


    You will be inspired by 25 International case studies with practical insights from many of the world’s top employer brands describing the key challenges they overcame to build an employer brand with powerful business impact.

    Written in a practical, easy to follow style, readers will be taken on an engaging, step by step journey, to build an employer brand, that not only attracts the right talent, but creates an environment where people want to do their best work and share their positive experiences with others.


    The book showcases insights and experiences from Brett, who has  trained thousands of leaders around the world in employer branding since 2006.

    The book concludes with 21 key focus areas to ensure companies build a sustainable employer brand towards 2025.



    The world's most published author in employer branding (7 books), Brett Minchington's work has been published in more than 70 countries and has appeared in media around the world including The Economist, Business Week, CNN and Bloomberg TV. Since 2007, Brett has delivered education and thought leadership to 1000's of senior managers through masterclass events, keynote addresses and executive briefings  in more than 57 cities in 38 countries.


    Brett has pioneered employer branding research and practice in countries including Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, South Africa, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Chile and has designed and chaired Employer Branding Summits in 13 countries.

    In 2011, Brett established the world's first Employer Brand Leadership Certification program at the Employer Banding College to become the global standard in employer brand leadership certification. The program has been completed by senior leaders and teams from more than 35 countries.


    In 2015, Brett founded World Employer Branding Day, an annual event that brings together the global industry for a 3 day conference and cultural experience with the world's top employer brands and the leading agencies that develop them.

    Brett has lectured in the MBA program on employer branding at the University of Adelaide and is the current chair of the HRM Committee at University of South Australia.


    (2018) "Employer Brand Excellence - A Case Study Approach Volume III"
    (2017) "Employer Brand Excellence - A Case Study Approach Volume II"
    (2016) "Employer Brand Excellence - A Case Study Approach Volume I"
    (2013) "Employer branding and the new world@work"
    (2010) "Employer Brand Leadership – A Global Perspective"​ 
    (2006) “Your Employer Brand attract-engage-retain”



    Join us for the employer branding event of the year when the world's best employer brands and agencies come together.

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