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Employer Brand & HR Manager, Lego

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Michael Holm

Michael joined Lego in April 2013 and is responsible for the company's employer brand strategy.

Prior to joining Lego Michael wasthe Employer Brand Manager at IBM Denmark where he joined in December 2004 as part of the acquisition of Maersk Data – the second largest IT company in Denmark. At IBM, Michael is responsible for the employer branding activities in Denmark from the development of strategic goals to implementation and conversion into action plans and tangible projects. In collaboration with the communications, HR and university relations functions Michael strives to attract and retain the employees needed to secure their future growth.

Michael's professional background is in Human Resource with roles and responsibilities from Human Resource Consultant with hands on projects to strategic roles as Human Resource Partner with a focus on program development. Prior to joining IBM, Michael worked in the Danish Armed Forces with a focus on Leadership training and development.

Michael is one of the world's leading speakers on employer branding having presented at conferences in Copenhagen, Berlin, Zürich, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, London, Auckland, Adelaide.

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