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Scandinavian Senior Associate

Birgitte Seldorf

Birgitte Seldorf, M.Sc. in psychology, is the first Danish author to have a book published on Employer Branding (“Employer Branding”, Boersens Forlag, 2008 ). Birgitte is a managing consultant at Summit Consulting A/S – a high profile Danish HR consultant firm specialising in organisational and leadership development.

Birgitte's extensive experience on employer branding stems from more than 15 years of conducting qualitative research among employees and external stakeholders for some of the largest Danish and international companies in Denmark. For 9 years she has worked with strategic marketing and communication as a partner in Tranberg Marketing Recommandation, and for the past 5 years she has focused on employer branding research and strategy as well as the internal process of building a strong employer brand.

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