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Brett Minchington MBA Chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International (EBI) and acclaimed author is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on employer branding. EBI provides research, guidance and thought leadership in employer branding through consulting, publications, events/ training, research and think-tanks. EBI’s expert services are provided through an international network of expert employer brand Senior Associates. EBI’s global Advisory Board consists of leading corporate professionals and academics from around the world.


Brett is also the founder and owner of Employer Branding Online and facilitates the EBI Employer Branding Global Community group on Linkedin, a global network of more than 3500 professionals.


World's most published author in employer branding


Brett’s thought leadership in employer branding led him to author “Your Employer Brand attract-engage-retain,” in 2006 which was the first book on the topic by an Australasian author and only the second in the world. The book has since been sold in more than 50+ countries.


Brett's latest book, "Employer branding and the new world@work," explores how companies are addressing the challenges of the ‘bigger picture workforce trends’ and how employer branding will play a pivotal role in driving economic prospects in not only developed economies but in emerging markets where growth prospects look more promising in the coming years.


Supported by the latest global research by Employer Brand International along with ‘on the ground’ insights by Brett from three global tours, "Employer branding & the new world@work," provides insight into how the world’s leading companies are becoming more social, mobile, connected and innovative in their strategies to attract, engage and retain talent. Featured companies IKEA, Volvo Car Group, Ahold, JTI and Sodexo share deep insights on their own employer brand journey, their successes and overcoming challenges along the way.


Brett’s second book, "Employer Brand Leadership – A Global Perspective"  is a practical management resource for leaders at all levels and includes frameworks, models, tools, strategies and tips to assist you to lead your employer brand strategy. The book details how HR, Marketing and Communications functions are being transformed to deliver an employee experience that leads to higher levels of engagement resulting in a superior customer experience and improved shareholder returns. Packed with nine global case studies including Deloitte, BASF, Sodexo and IBM this book will ensure your focus is guided in the right direction and the key learnings will save you time, energy and investment.


In 2007 Brett commenced the Employer Branding Global TourTM and has delivered workshops/ masterclass / Summits and keynote addresses to 1000's of senior managers in more than 50 cities in 28 countries travelling more than 1 million air kms along the way!


Brett is the Chair of the Employer Branding World Series Summits conducted in 14+ countries.


He has been the lead consultant in global and national employer branding projects for companies including Siemens, Aon Hewitt, PwC, Origin, SIBUR, Australian Wine Research Institute, Elsevier, and World Vision to assist them develop their employer brand strategy and roadmap through strategic audits and advisory solutions.


Brett advises leading employer brand agencies on strategic employer brand consulting for their clients in Canada, UK and Russia.


Brett’s opinion is sought globally by the media and HR, Marketing and Management publications and he is the world’s most published author in employer branding, having published more than 100 articles.


His articles have featured in publications around the world including titles such as The Economist, Business Week, HR Future (South Africa), The Human Factor (India), Personnel Zaradzanie (Poland), The Opinion Leader (Finland), HRM Magazine (Singapore), HR Professional (Canada), HC Magazine (Australia), Personnel Today UK, International Association of Business Communicators, Times Ascent (India), Universum Quarterly, Human Resources Magazine (Australia), NZ Management (New Zealand),, Executive Grapevine (UK) and ERE Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership (USA).


Brett is an International columnist on employer branding for HR Future, South Africa’s leading human resources publication.


As Research Director at Employer Brand International, Brett has Chaired Global Research studies and forums which contribute to the advancement of the science of employer branding. Since 2009, Employer Brand International has published some of the world’s largest independent research studies on employer branding. Brett’s passion for employer branding is driven by a vision to make a positive and lasting impact to people’s employment experience whilst contributing to a safer, more equitable and friendlier global society.


Brett lectures in Employer Branding in the MBA program at the University of Adelaide. He has an MBA from the University of South Australia and Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology and is also the chair of the HRM advisory board at the University of South Australia. He lives in Adelaide, Australia.


Global Reach


Since 2006 Brett has conducted Masterclass events wioth senior leaders in more than 40 cities including: New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Dubai, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Sydney, Milan, Pilbara, Manila, Como, Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Brisbane, Auckland, Perth, Wellington, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Minneapolis, Bad Nauheim, Istanbul, Adelaide, Bucharest, Cluj, Druskinikai, Shanghai, Warsaw, Brussels, Santiago, Antofagasta, Kiev, Odessa, Madrid, Tashkent.


Since 2007 Brett has chaired Employer Branding Summits with senior leaders in more than 14+ countries including: Canada, Sweden, UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Australia, Russia, Dubai, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Romania and Lithuania.


In many countries such as Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine Brett's events, research and teachings have pioneered the employer brand leadership concept upon which the discipline has continued to develop across industries and companies of all sizes in these countries.